Instructions for Text String Entry of Values
You can cut and paste a string of values from a web site, an Excel or other spreadsheet, a Word table, or any string of text values.

Depending on the source of the text string of values, the delimiting character(s) will be different.  The drop-down wiindow next to the text entry box allows you to designate the delimiting character.  From tables in my web sites, the character separating values when cutting and pasting is usually a tab.  I have one site, however, where cutting and pasting from a table results in two returns plus one tab between each value.  In such cases, select the delimiting character that occurs just once between the values and the others will be ignored.

For DYS425 and DYS439, the test report will sometimes show a "null value".  This is different from an untested marker or a failure of the lab test.  The missing value for DYS425 and DYS439 was formerly indicated as "missing" by the presence of an asterisk, but now this is indicated most often by a zero.  The "missing value" may be coded with any text character in the table from which you are cutting and pasting, but after submitting the text string, you must manually change the value in the normal table entry box to "*" (asterisk).  Otherwise, this marker will simply be ignored in the analysis.  Null values may occasionally occur for markers other than DYS426 or DYS439, but the program is not designed to deal with these.  A zero value should be entered into the program and the marker will simply be ignored in the analysis.