Prediction of Y-chromosome haplogroup from Y-STR values is easy and fast with this program.  You may choose a version of the program with the markers in FTDNA order or numerical order by clicking the button of your choice above.  First time users should read the Instructions page first (see tabs above).  Some companies use different standards for some markers, so read the "Conventions" page (see tabs above) to see which standards (nomenclature) are used in this program.  Markers for which there are nomenclature issues are colored pink on the data entry page.  An example of the data entry screen is shown below.

There are links on the right to two articles describing the "fitness score" calculations and the Bayesian probability calculations.
Haplogroup C3
Haplogroup E1a
Haplogroup E1b1a
Haplogroup E1b1b
Haplogroup G1
Haplogroup G2a
Haplogroup G2c
Haplogroup H
Haplogroup I1
Haplogroup I2a
Haplogroup I2b
Haplogroup J1
Haplogroup J2A
Haplogroup J2B
Haplogroup L
Haplogroup N
Haplogroup O
Haplogroup Q
Haplogroup R1a
Haplogroup R1b
Haplogroup R2
Haplogroup T
Which Haplogroup Are You In?

What's NEW?

10 Dec 2012
New 111-marker Version
New Sub-Clade Version

01 Jan 2009
Changed I2a2 to I2a1 to
match ISOGG-2009

09 Jun 2008
Added C3 and G1 to beta
Changed to ISOGG-2008 Names

01 Feb 2008
Updated database

04 Feb 2007
Text String Input Implemented
Batch Version 1 Released
  (see below)

15 Dec 2006
Version 5 Released.

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Y Haplogroup Prediction from Y-STR Values

            Ó Whit Athey
Haplogroup Predictor
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NOTE:  A "batch" version of this program is now available for application to large numbers of haplotypes.  Please  CLICK HERE  for instructions
Results appear in the results table below:

Click the ISOGG link above for a detailed Y phylogenetic tree and descriptions of the haplogroups with references and resources.

The haplogroup program has been re-coded in a very efficient manner by Doug McDonald, and his considerable contributions are gratefully acknowledged.
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